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Welcome to Creators of Freedom Script

Freedom Script allows you to embed a custom macro language in your Unity project.

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Get started down the remarkable road of using Freedom Script. Once you understand some basics terms, using Freedom Script is fast and easy. With just a few lines of code you will be controlling and interfacing with unity gameobjects and more!.  Using minimal setup code allows for a fast and dynamic interaction with your virtual environment through external scripts. 

FS is a macro language much like Lua, Java Script or Unreal Script. Freedom Script unlike other products allows you the game developer to create custom language extensions. You define the language dynamically.

  • FS language is a simple "basic like" language enabling the power of "heavy" languages in an easy to understand syntax.
  • The FS interpreter allows the program author to define the keyword syntax that loops back to interact with unity. You create the language! 
    • You can create scripts that drive your AI 
    • You can create script based dynamic level setup
    • You can enable modding for you unity application

Take creative control , allow creative control, It is your choice. Freedom to do it your way. Freedom Script is here! 

What is Freedom Script ?

  • Freedom Script (FS) is language interpreter. It allows custom external language files, which you the game author or you the game player can execute and interact with objects within Unity.
  • These external language files (scripts) are plain text files and require nothing more than a text editor to create and change.
  • Because the language is interpreted and not hard complied these files can be loaded before or while the game is running.

What does Freedom Script do ?

  • FS provides the structure of a computing language then allows you the game developer to define and/or execute the FS language.
  • The FS language can even be changed on the fly. This allows the scripts to expose different language elements to the script author dynamically
  • FS will take care of the heavy lifting, freeing you to focus on game development.

What language is FS based on?

  • FS uses basic common structure allowing you to just define “Game” functions
  • FS supported language structures
    • Global and local variables
    • User defined Functions that can return values
    • If then else decision structures
    • Looping structures such as
      • For next loops
      • While do loops
  • Common text handling and math functions.

Visit our tutorial section for documentation and examples

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